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Adley Rutschman gets a shoutout on Abbott Elementary

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Adley Rutschman may need to pay a visit to the set of “Abbott Elementary” someday soon to express his gratitude. Fictional and real worlds collided on Thursday afternoon when Rutschman’s walk-off home run proved the show’s writers prophetic in an episode that aired just one night prior. 

In a scene from the hit ABC comedy, young Abbott teacher Gregory Eddie (played by Tyler James Williams) spends part of the episode trying to get on the good side of a cafeteria worker at the school, and he finally finds an in when he gives her a recap of the Orioles’ game that she missed. 

“Adley Rutschman hit an opposite-field walk-off homer and Cedric Mullins was a single shy of the cycle,” Mr. Eddie informs her. 

So maybe the writers didn’t get it exactly right — Rutschman’s walk-off homer was to center field and Mullins in fact only had a single in Thursday’s game — but this was a shot in the dark in the first place because Rutschman had never hit a walk-off homer in his young career. Until now!

Though the show takes place in Philadelphia and often makes references to that city’s sports teams, Mr. Eddie is from Baltimore and a fan of the Ravens and O’s. As many of the feel-good scenes do in “Abbott Elementary,” this one ended with a heartfelt resolution between Mr. Eddie and Shanae the Lunch Lady, the two of them bonding over their shared love of baseball and one very famous Oriole.

“It’s simple — just hit dingers, play defense, close games,” Shanae says.

“That’s O’s baseball,” Mr. Eddie replies, before they both finish the same sentence. “Just show up every day like Cal Ripken Jr.”

But Ripken is part of the O’s great past. Rutschman is the future, and “Abbott Elementary” knows it. 

Now maybe they can work their magic on the slow-starting Phillies …

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