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Daniel Murphy Talks Mets Memories, Playing For Ducks

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It wasn’t the easiest on the eyes, but the Mets swept the A’s over the weekend.

They only get F’s though on the report card.

These A’s could end up being one of the worst teams in baseball history when the season ends.

But you play who is on the schedule and it was key for the Mets to come back and finish off the sweep Sunday.

Anyways, Brett Baty is coming up to the Mets on Monday, and boy, could they use him.

Both Eduardo Escobar and Daniel Vogelbach are off to horrid starts to the season.

The Mets head to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers with Baty and with Max Scherzer pitching Wednesday after a delay due to back soreness.

There’s a lot to catch up on as well as a must-listen interview with former Mets All-Star infielder Daniel Murphy on a new episode of the “Amazin’ But True” podcast with Nelson Figueroa and me.

Murphy talks about deciding to play for the Long Island Ducks this year, a potential MLB return and a trip down memory lane to his Mets glory days.

Amazin’ But True Podcast with Jake Brown & Nelson Figueroa:

  • HOW SWEEP IT IS: Pete Alonso may have a legit chance of hitting 60 homers this year at the rate he is going. It’s almost every night he is hitting a home run. The middle relief is a concern and the Mets need to get another reliever at some point they can trust. David Robertson and Adam Ottavino continue to carry the bullpen, but they need some help.
  • BATY TIME: The time has come for Brett Baty. He’s scorching hot in the minors and this was the perfect time to call him up.
  • MAX & DODGERS: Max Scherzer pushed back to Wednesday due to sore back. Too early to worry about it. The pitch clock is definitely having an effect on pitchers. We are seeing some lower quality baseball. There are more walks, pitch clock violations and it is almost impossible to throw out baserunners.

Daniel Murphy Interview:
Former Mets All-Star infielder, Long Island Ducks new infielder

  • BASEBALL RETURN: Making his return to baseball this year starting for the Long Island Ducks next week. What motivated him to come back? Can he envision a return to the big leagues?
  • NEW SWING: He has a new swing he has been working on that he will try for the Ducks.
  • METS MEMORIES: Looking back at the time David Wright pranked him in spring training. Does he regret leaving the Mets for the Nationals in free agency?
  • 2015 PLAYOFFS: His historic run in the playoffs at the plate hitting a home run in six straight games and how he almost threw up before games with his anxiety so high.
  • NET NEGATIVE: Reacting to the time he was called a “net negative” by Gary Cohen and the positive conversation he had with him after that.


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