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Madison Bumgarner tells Willson Contreras to ‘f–k off’ after swing

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Madison Bumgarner is at it again.

The easily heated 33-year-old Diamondbacks lefty pitcher found himself ticked off on Wednesday when facing the Cardinals’ Willson Contreras at the plate.

In the bottom of the third inning with the teams tied at 3, Contreras led off and chipped the pitch while making an “ohhhh” noise at his contact with the ball, which was hit foul and made for a 1-1 count.

The camera flashed to Bumgarner, who appeared displeased with Contreras’ annunciations and looked to be mouthing off to the St. Louis catcher.

“A little back-and-forth right there,” an announcer said.

Contreras, 30, then began talking to the Arizona catcher Jose Herrera while pointing at Bumgarner on the mound, hoping to get the pitcher in check.

The Cardinals broadcast picked up Bumgarner saying, “Shut the f–k up, you pu–y, f–k you.”

He would go on to throw two more balls and ended up walking Contreras, who answered with a big bat flip after the berating he received at home plate.

Madison Bumgarner mouthing off to Willson Contreras after his grunt off a foul ball swing.

Willson Contreras talking to the Diamonbacks catcher after Madison Bumgarner snapped at him.
Willson Contreras talking to Diamondbacks catcher Jose Herrera after Madison Bumgarner snapped at him.

The Cardinals went on to blowout the Diamondbacks 14-5, where Bumgarner only pitched three innings and finished with seven earned runs, four walks, two strikeouts, and one home run tacked on to his season resume.

“He didn’t like the way I swung at the fastball,” Contreras told reporters. “I never looked back at him or anything. I don’t think he appreciated that. When I turned around, I knew he was saying something back to me. If he’s getting mad about that, What can I say? I know it’s part of the game. If he says something to me, I will say something back.

“For me, it’s like mind games. Thankfully I got in his mind and he blew out in that inning.”

Madison Bumgarner
Madison Bumgarner
Getty Images

Contreras recorded two hits, one RBI, and two walks on the day.

This is only one of several testy run-ins Bumgarner has had throughout his 15-year professional career, which began in 2009 with San Francisco after he was drafted in 2007 out of South Caldwell High School in Hudson, North Carolina.

In June of 2019, he was pitching for the Giants against the Dodgers when infielder Max Muncy hit a bomb into McCovey Cove and rounded the bases with no abnormal celebration.

Still, Bumgarner lost it and started to say some words at Muncy as he ran around the infield, to which it seemed Muncy motioned Bumgarner to come speak to his face.

More recently, in the beginning of the 2022 season, Bumgarner had to be held back by teammates following he ejection after he got into it twice with two umpires against the Marlins — once for what he believed to be a strike but was called a ball, and another for being asked to do sticky-substance check.

Bumgarner, 33, has made three starts for the Diamondback this year so far, averaging a 7.90 ERA along with 11 recorded walks and eight strikeouts.

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