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Baby Mets Have Arrived feat. Rajai Davis

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The Mets are so back.

And the “Baby Mets” have arrived.

All it took was an infusion of young bats and a win streak.

From 20-23 and doom-and-gloom to 25-23, a five-game win streak and life injected back in Metsland.

This looks like an entirely different team that we saw a week ago, losing to bad teams like the Nationals, Tigers and Reds.

These “baby Mets” have the youth providing a spark and the vets coming up clutch.

All of that comes together for a win streak that could turn this Mets season around.

To talk about the sweep over the Guardians, the five-game win streak and the tides turning for the orange and blue, we bring you a new episode of the “Amazin’ But True” podcast with Nelson Figueroa and me.

We are joined by a former Mets and Cleveland outfielder, Rajai Davis, who hit that memorable pinch-hit three-run home run on this day in 2019 in his first Mets at bat, when he arrived to the stadium in the middle of the game after getting called up hours prior.

Amazin’ But True Podcast with Jake Brown & Nelson Figueroa:

  • HOW SWEEP IT IS: Incredible weekend of close one-run games. All five Mets wins in the streak were by a run. They are resilient and finding ways to win. The Mets needed a spark and they got it from all different heroes over the weekend, including Francisco Lindor against his former team with the walk-off hit Friday and a home run Sunday night.
  • THE BABY METS: Mark Vientos instantly gave the Mets a spark. Brett Baty is hitting well. Francisco Alvarez keeps coming up with big hits. He’s not a baby, but the newest Met Gary Sanchez even played Sunday and gave them a productive game.
  • VINTAGE VERLANDER/SCHERZER: They were terrific on Sunday. Have to be careful about pitching them too deep into games since it’s still early. They did not want to risk it with Justin Verlander going into the ninth inning. Scherzer came out and seemed to be grimacing a bit, but said he has callus issue. The bullpen struggled a bit, but the bats and good defense backed them up.

Rajai Davis Interview:
Former Mets, MLB outfielder, MLB Senior Director of On-Field Operations

  • METS CALLUP: When Mets called him up, taking an Uber from Pennsylvania to Citi Field and getting there in middle of the game, hitting a pinch-hit home run.
  • GAME 7 WORLD SERIES HOMER: Looking back to his Game 7 World Series homer in 2016 for the Indians against the Cubs. The biggest moment of his career.
  • KIPNIS/LINDOR: Responding to comments Jason Kipnis made about the Mets not having a leader. His experience playing in Cleveland with Kipnis and Francisco Lindor.
  • RULE CHANGES: Thoughts on the rule changes they put in place and game going quicker. How many stolen bases would he have in today’s game with new rules/bigger bases?


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