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Ronald Acuña Jr. on pace for historic season

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Matt Olson has enjoyed the great view he has had while batting directly behind Ronald Acuña Jr.

“It’s fun to watch,” Braves first baseman Olson said. “It’s every pitch against every kind of pitcher across all fields. Then he’s not done, because when he gets on he’s stealing bases. He’s making pitchers uncomfortable in the box and on the bases. He’s probably the best leadoff guy in the league right now.”

Acuña is constructing what has the potential to be one of the greatest seasons in history. To get a better feel for where he is heading, check out this story MLB.com’s Andrew Simon wrote this weekend.

Let’s look at how great Acuña has been in the first inning. Here is where the Braves outfielder ranks among qualified MLB players in these first-inning stats:

Batting average: .524 (1st)

OPS: 1.398 (2nd, min. 20 PA)

A little more than a quarter of the way through this season, it looks like he could break some MLB and Braves’ first-inning records.

Acuña is on pace to record these first-inning statistics:

Hits: 77
MLB record: Lefty O’Doul, 64 in 1929
Braves record: Chipper Jones, 49 in 1998 and Marquis Grissom, 49 in ‘96.

Doubles: 24
MLB record: Craig Biggio, 17 in 2004 and David Wright, 17 in ‘12
Braves record: Freddie Freeman, 14 in 2014 and Marcus Giles, 14 in ‘03

Runs: 52
MLB record: Lenny Dykstra, 45 in 1993 and Rickey Henderson, 45 in ‘85
Braves record: Chipper Jones, 33 in 1999

Batting average: .524
MLB record: Lefty O’Doul, .508 in 1929
Braves record: Rogers Hornsby, .411 in ‘28

OPS: 1.398
MLB record: Babe Ruth, 1.607 in 1920
Braves record: Eddie Mathews, 1.249 in 1955

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