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Yankees fans brawl near stadium after walk-off win vs. Orioles

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Not every Yankees fan was celebrating Aaron Judge and Anthony Volpe carrying the team to victory on Tuesday night after a 6-5 win against the Orioles.

Outside of Billy’s Sports Bar near Yankee Stadium, a brawl broke out between fans donning Yankee jerseys around midnight, according to footage captured by The Post’s Jake Brown.

The encounter began inside Billy’s before the fans were kicked out of the bar.

It is unclear what started the friction.

Yankee fans are seen brawling outside of Billy’s.
Jake Brown

The fan wearing Alex Rodriguez’s No. 13 jersey is seen throwing punches while one fan is on their back getting hit.

As the two appeared to separate, a female fan furiously rushed in and began punching another person who was breaking the fight up.

That person is seen flashing a badge in the video, but it’s unclear what kind of badge they were showing.

The police did not immediately respond to the incident.

Women fan seen punching the peacemaker
Another fan got involved in the brawl.
Jake Brown

The brawl is a bit uncharacteristic to see between fans of the same team in the middle of the win streak.

The Yankees have won five straight games and 12 of their last 15 outings against some of the better teams in baseball.

On Tuesday night, Judge tied the game against the Orioles with a solo home run in the ninth inning before Volpe won it in the tenth with a sac fly.

“I thought exactly what happened was going to happen,” Volpe said of Judge’s home run to left field. “Everything he does he makes look easy.”

The Yankees will face the Orioles again on Wednesday before closing out the three-game series Thursday.

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