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Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo tried to figure out Mets’ playoff math

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Math is hard sometimes, especially for The Dog, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

Russo dropped another classic clip as he struggled to find how the pitiful Mets could sneak into the playoffs and win the NL East division.

“If [the Mets] ever did 55-30, the Braves would have to go 40-45 just to match the Mets,” Russo said before back-tracking his math. “56––and um… is that correct? Wrong. 56––and um… let’s see 55… What did I say the Mets are? Let’s figure this out properly.”

The Sirius XM host and New York radio icon theorized that the Mets would need to win 91 games to get within shouting range of winning the division title with the red-hot Braves in a clear lead.

Russo stumbled as he ran through the math because he didn’t have the Mets’ most accurate record.

“Their seven under .500, and I think they’re 34 and they’re 41,” Russo said.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo struggles with math trying to figure out a route for the Mets to make the postseason.
Getty Images for SiriusXM

Prior to Monday’s loss, however, they were 35-42, but Russo was under the impression that they were 34-41.

Still, the point remains the same, the Mets are in a tailspin, and making the playoffs seems like a forgotten hope for the group from Queens.

“To beat the Braves, out if they went 40-45, the Mets would have to go 56-29 because the Braves are beating the Mets 5/6, they have the tiebreaker,” Russo explained of the Mets’ very bleak postseason hopes. “The Mets aren’t going 56-29, and the loss yesterday (Sunday) by the Mets was as bad a loss as you’re ever going to have.”

Even asking the Braves to lose that much is asking a lot, too.

“The Braves just don’t lose,” Mets commentator Keith Hernandez said on Monday’s broadcast. “They’ve won 18 of their last 21 games,” partner Gary Cohen said on the telecast.

Cohen also described the brutal loss on Sunday as “their most horrific” while placing that blame squarely on the shoulders of manager Buck Showalter.

Justin Verlander and the Mets are struggling.
Justin Verlander and the Mets are struggling.
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The Mets are currently 16 games back of the division lead as the 51-27 Braves continue to dominate Major League Baseball.

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